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Thermocouples or resistance thermometers (PT100 / PT1000) - TMH GmbH

TMH GmbH is specialised to produce high quality PT 100 / PT 1000 and thermocouples. On our homepage you can find our product range, from resistance thermometers to mineral insulated thermocouples that we produce in our factory in Hanau.

Resistance thermometers, available with PT 100 or PT 1000 sensor

Mineral insulated resistance thermometers are one of our main products. We offer you PT100 sensors from 1,00mm up to 8,00mm diameter, and PT1000 sensors from 1,50mm up to 8,00mm. Both types are individual available, you can choose the diameter and the nominal length and cable length. We also produce double resistance thermometers, that means 2x PT100 or 2x PT1000.

Thermocouples - choose your desired length and diameter

We offer you mineral insulated thermocouples from 0,15mm up to 8,00mm diameter in different types, for example type K, type N, type J. We also produce thermocouples in bigger diameters with metal protective tubes out of 1.4841 or other heat resistant steel. We also have a standard program which we can deliver from stock.

We also offer you different services around temperature measuring, for example calibration or repair of sensors.


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