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Thermocouple connectors

Thermocouple connectors

Convenient and frequently used connectors for thermocouples are thermocouple connectors in the sizes "miniature" (SMP, flat pins) and "standard" (OST, round pins). The connector is normally connected either directly to the mineral isolated thermocouple or to the compensating / thermocouple cable. The material of the connector socket depends on the temperature of the surroundings. The design at the lowest price is heat-resistant up to 220°C. For higher temperatures, a special material version withstands up to 350°C, and above that temperature, a ceramic connector is needed withstanding up to 600°C.

The following types of element are available:
Type K, N, J, L, T, S, B, C etc.

Upon request, we engrave your companie's name or type a serial number on it.

The following sizes are available:

  • - Miniature connector (SMP, with flat pins)
  • - Standard connector (OST, with round pins)

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