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Hand-held measuring unit for thermocouples

Hand-held measuring unit for thermocouples

We also offer hand-held measuring units and data loggers for thermocouples and resistance thermometers (Pt100) at reasonable prices. For details please call us, we will help you to find the unit which fits your appliance best.

Some of the advantages of our hand-held measuring unit for TCs with a RS232-interface are the low price, its easy operability, smooth handling and ruggedness. It has two inputs for miniature connectors (SMP, flat pins), for comparative measurement and shows temperature differences between TC 1 and TC 2.

This unit can be used in temperatures ranging from -200°C to 1370°C.

Technical facts:
Access 2 x Thermocouple Type K (NiCr-Ni)
Measuring range -200°C...+1370°C
Accuracy (±1 Digit) ±0,1%+0,7°C
Resolution 0,1°C from -200,0°C...+1370°C
Input (connector)Miniatur thermo-connector (SMP)
Operating temperature 0°C to +50°C
Display 2-line LCD
Dimension 184 x 64 x 30 mm (LxBxH)
Weight 210g
Battery1 x 9V block-battery

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