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Bare thermocouple wires

Bare thermocouple wires

Bare thermocouple wires are available for the element types K, T, J, S, B, R and tungsten-rhenium type C. Bare thermocouple wires are used when an insulation of the legs is not necessary, or if the temperature is very high so that normally used materials do not withstand. For an insulation at high temperatures, ceramic insulation materials or ceramic insulating rods are available from stock in different shapes. Various diameters of the thermocouple wires are possible.

Bare thermocouple wires from stock:

Type of TCWire-diameter
Type S 0,20mm, 0,35mm, 0,50mm
Type B0,20mm, 0,35mm, 0,50mm
Type Kfrom 0,07mm to 3,20mm

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