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We can also offer you a works-calibration or an official DKD-calibration (both according DIN) for our produced sensors and for sensors from other manufactures.

Works-calibrations are a good and cheap way to find out the exact measured values from the required thermocouples or PT100 / PT1000. Works-calibrations are a good alternative to DKD-calibrations, because the procedure of measuring is exactly the same, also the accuracy, but it is cheaper than a DKD-calibration.

DKD-calibrations are favoured from some industries, where highest saftyness and accuracy is required from the used sensors.

We calibrate thermocouples and resistant thermometers in our own calibration laboratory from -195 up tp + 1500°C. On special demand, we will calibrate the required sensor together with a data-logger or a display to give the hole measurement chain a minimum tolerance.


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